Who are we?

As with most Christian Fellowships, Westgate is made up of a wide range of individuals.

We have a wide range of ages.

We have a wide range of skills.

We have a wide range of interests. 

We are all here to witness to the Love of Jesus. All in our own way.

 As with any long lasting group of people, there has to be an organised structure.

At present we have no pastor and are looking to the Lord to future ministry and guidance.

We have Elders, Dave Thomas and Simon John, who support the Pastor and try to maintain a structured place of worship that is honouring to God.

In our congregation, people accompany hymn singing, organise events, organise group activities.

In our congregation we try to encourage, help and love one another in spiritual and practical ways.

God has blessed us in so many ways. He loves us.