Many of us have lived through the floods of recent years in Britain, but few will have witnessed the avalanche that followed the floods in Peru.


It had been a long hot summer and everywhere was barren, with no greenery at all to be seen.

They were waiting for the monsoon season to begin and folk were looking to the skies in preparation for the long for rain.

Normally, when the rain did come, it poured down for many hours, usually around 9 – 10 hours, but this year, it was incessant for several day’s.

The local folk began to panic as the river began to over flow and the rain showing no sign of abating.

Homes that were flooded in the first few days were now being swept away and people were looking to the hills for shelter.

The scene on day four was horrific, as the land, as far as one could see, was totally covered like one huge lake.

Bodies of cattle and some humans could be seen floating on the top of the water and folk were helplessly watching the disaster happen before their eyes.

On day five as the light was receding these bewildered onlookers felt the full impact of the storm.

It happened without warning, first a snapping sound then a great cracking and creaking before the side of the mountain slid down into the water. Hundreds were killed in the aftermath.

When rescuers arrived by helicopter only a handful of people could be seen floundering around in the water and these were picked up and winched away to safety.

Two days later a helicopter patrol was passing over the devastation when one of the crew saw a little movement on a hut roof.

Circling round they saw a young boy on the roof frantic and very weak through lack of food; it was his shirt sleeve that was seen wafting in the wind.

That shirtsleeve was the means of saving his life, the rescue took quite a time to complete as the roof was in actual fact floating like a raft on the water top.

This made the rescue more difficult than first thought. As it could not take the weight of the rescuer, the operation was conducted dangling from the rope whilst the helicopter hovered over head.

Millions around the world sat and watched the rescue in the comfort of their own homes thanks to television news.

I for one have seen that rescue several times on T.V. but each time it reminds me of the spectacle of Jesus Christ’s deliverance for us.

Ever since the Garden of Eden fall, mankind has been on the treacherous slope before God the Creator.

He has withdrawn Himself to His lofty throne and watched and hoped that some would turn from their sin and help others to do the same but it was all to no avail.

Finally as the deluge of sin enveloped the planet He sent His own Son into the world to save sinners: Luke 19 v 10 ‘the Son of Man came to seek and to save that which was lost’.

In these days He stands in the heavenly place willing to plead our cause as an advocate on our behalf.

If we confess our sin God is willing and just to forgive our sin and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness’ 1 John 1 v 9.

It is as if we helpless people find the rope of faith being brought down to us. All we need to do is apply Gods word, and find faith is very practical.

Sin is blotted out forever and we are set free to walk in newness of life in Christ Jesus Romans 6 vs.1 – 14.