Meeting the Queen

For many years I have pondered over the thought, if I met the queen what would I say to her?  Something short and pithy I thought, but over the years this has changed, still it would be nice to meet Her Majesty and talk to her.

As a royalist, I would be kind and supportive to our gracious Queen because she is such a fine and strong lady.
Of course the thought of meeting her was absurd and one never ever contemplated meeting her, but there is no harm in dreaming.
One Friday several years ago now I was standing on New Street railway station talking to some ticket collectors and an inspector as was my natural thing to do.
I was called to share my faith with railway workers in those days and to help them with their problems in life; Birmingham was the centre to work from.
The time of my train was drawing near so I said cheerio and went through the ticket barrier towards the escalator down to the platform.
There were very few folk around for a Friday afternoon and it did occur to me that this was unusual but continued to the moving staircase.
I had barely stopped on the first step when I was stunned coming up the other way was Her Majesty the Queen smiling serenely.
I was rooted to the spot I can assure you, as she travelled upwards and I travelled downwards.
There was no word uttered but she glanced across and a slight movement of the head was sufficient and I must have beamed back to her.
When I got off the staircase Special Branch and railway police ‘asking what I thought I was doing there’, surrounded me.
I said quite firmly going for my train home and that I had no idea that Her Majesty was in the area let alone on the station. 
I would not be there had I known I assured them and left them to rush up the stairs to follow in her train. 
For a few seconds I was face to face with the Queen though not static or in conversation.

On the train going home I reflected on this experience and saw a glimpse of what it will be like when human nature comes face to face with God.
I was absolutely speechless and my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth in an instant as I realised who she was. 
Far so many people they think that when they meet the Lord Jesus they will be mouthing off to Him, seeking to explain and get explanations from Him as to the affairs of life. 
They will be sadly mistaken and to help see this fact the Lord Jesus told a parable of an eastern wedding to help us. (Matthew 22 vs.1-14).
The custom was that the bridegroom’s father gave the invitation and an outer garment to all the guests so that no one out did the couple.
On one occasion a man gatecrashed the party and was mixing with the crowd until the host arrived.
In a split second he was confronted and quickly ejected from the proceedings as he had no place or right of being there.
So the Lord Jesus said it would be like that when the Wedding feast takes place in the heavenly place, only those invited will get access to it.
If we reject what Christ has done for us and we do not wear the garment provided, the garment of righteousness, we will get no where near the banquet hall never mind inside it. 

The Master told the parable to show how hard it will be to get into the tremendous feast He has prepared for His Church the Bride.
 was speechless before the earthly monarch.

What on earth will it be like to meet the King of Kings and Lord of Lords? On our face crawling away from His presence as the Revelation reveals to us.

The guy was thrown out in the parable.  What will be your place in the eternal feast, inside as a welcome guest or outside dumbfounded?