A Touch of Class

That was the leading headline in a paper one August a little time ago, it was all about a fantastic sand sculpture.


The scene in the picture was a sand sculpture of the medieval city of Bruge in Belgium.

It really was a fantastic sight with all the spires, fountains and high rise building and flats, the cathedral with tower and building of state with they’re turrets all made entirely from sand.

It had taken 50 Dutch artists’ three weeks to make what was the largest sand sculpture in Europe.

The whole creation measured 123 feet long and 39 feet high and 56 feet wide.

People who saw it said ‘from a distance you would never have believed it was made of sand’.

They put so much effort into it and an incredible amount of detail’ it was really spectacular to behold.

They said that it would stay on Zeebrugge beach for one month, unless the elements decided otherwise.

That set me thinking about a house I rented in Hagley years ago, we had lived in it for a couple of years and one November night just as I was going to bed I heard a crack outside and looked through the window and could not see anything untoward.

I slipped my clothes on and went down stairs to look further, it was a very cold and wet night with the wind blowing wildly.

The door was wrenched from my grasp by a squall and I only just managed to keep it from hitting a falling branch from a tree at the bottom of the garden.

With the aid of a torch I could see that the garden shed which was part of the building had broken completely away from the house.

Next morning I called a builder to come and inspect the damage and very quickly he told me that the foundations were gone and we would have to have a new foundation laid.

I sat with my wife and we recalled the story in Matthew 7 vs.24 – 27 when the Lord Jesus gave the illustration of the stupidity of building on a sand foundation in place of a solid one.

He said that folk who build on their own merits were foolish and anyone who built on the foundation that He was laying was secure forever.

We come up with incredible ideas seeking to justify our stand and position in life, always looking for a new philosophy to try out.

We will believe almost anything rather than face the truth as Jesus proclaimed it; we, like the crowd that listened to Him, are usually astonished and amazed but still we reject Him.

He only tells us the truth and a great deal of it we know first hand as true because of our own experience.

What is of great importance is that our life will be scrutinised one day, will the elements destroy our image as we stand before Almighty God?

The only way of escape is to listen and then apply what the Master has said for His words of eternal life they are for time and eternity.

Wise folk listen and obey Him.