Freshwater West

A large Wild Beach which is a favourite for locals, never crowded, but never empty!

Locals will go there in any type of weather, for a walk across the beach or simply to sit in a car and watch the wild waves.

The Wales Iron Man tournament competitors ride from Tenby and go through Freshwater West.

Facilities: Toilets and normally a mobile food van, but the parking is very limited parking to one small carpark and mostly on the road.

WARNING: Please be careful, it is not a beach for swimming or even for paddling. There are dangerous rip currents and young lives have been lost.


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This sandy beach is the hunting ground of the surfer always on the look out for that perfect wave; a surfers paradise. This south westerly facing beach has the best waves in the county BUT it’s only for the experienced and strong swimming surfer. Strong rip currents occur off this beach. It’s the best place to go to watch the surfing. The beach is wide, sandy and backed by an extensive system of dunes. The dunes are fragile so no camping or barbeques are allowed. There’s a rocky reef at the southern end and some quiet bays at the other.

There is a small thatched shack on the foreshore and it is a rebuilt shelter that was used for drying a certain type of seaweed, used for making Lavabread, a Welsh speciality that’s very good for adding flavour to recipes.

Freshwater West has been used as a location for a number of films, such as -

Robin Hood

robin hood



Freshwater West is about 8 miles from Westgate.  There are a few routes to 'Fresh West'. I will put directions to the beach soon.

 For more information from the local authority, click their website 'Visit Pembrokeshire' or go to