"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart"  Psalm 37:4

Take delight in the Lord

Do you remember your childhood?   All that sunshine and open air living?   We used to get up early, get dressed

and rush out of the house, after breakfast, to meet our friends and set off on an adventure.   What a delightful times they were.   Not a care in the world, northing to worry about and, in theory anyway, the world was our oyster.   Happy days and happy times.   Everyone's door was open to us and we were welcome in most places.   It seemed that we lived in a society that cared and that  most people were helpful and kind.  Wonderful times and happy hearts.   Well, now we are somewhat older, the Psalmist wants us to rekindle those feelings by taking our delight in the Lord.   In other words we are to seek that same excitement and pleasure in our God.   Throughout the Bible we are reminded that the presence of God in our lives is for our fulfilment and complete happiness. By so doing we will seek and be given our heart's desire from a God who, although mighty, cares for us like a true Father does for His children.   Over the years I am sure that, like me, you have met some people who appear to be disappointed with what they have received.   They complain that God has not given them their hearts desire.   But if you question them and look into what they expected you will often find that their heart's desires were purely material.   To win the lottery, to get the perfect job, to receive from God the material things that we think that we need in order to be completely satisfied and have our heart's desire.   The problem with this is that our material desires keep changing and in effect we will probably never be satisfied if we only seek material things.   The amount of money we received will never be enough, the house we own will never be big enough or in the wrong place, our car will become out of date and need changing ect.    The problem is that we can be seduced by the worldly culture that is all around us.   We will never gain our heart's desire if we only seek material things.   We live in troublesome and challenging times where the need to remain faithful and obedient to God is not only difficult but goes against most of society.   Whilst we may, for a time; gaze perhaps a little envious, upon those whom seem to gain so much materially, let us remember that the only way to gain our true hearts desire, and therefore fulfilment, is to trust God and be obedient to His word.   For what God offers is eternal!



Lord, help me not to desire treasures on earth when you have offered me treasures in heaven and the blessing of knowing you now.